A minimum of 20' x 20' is necessary for bounce house combo & 20'x40' for slides. Tree branches and wires should not drop below 25' from ground level.
Flat surface. The best area to set-up is grass, but we are able to set-up on concrete and other hard surfaces for extra $50 charge.
Site must be clear of objects such as stones, sticks, sharp objects and animal waste(DOG POOP).

The blower required to inflate the units requires a standard 120 volt electrical outlet. The blower is plugged in the entire time the unit is in use.

Clear access to the site is required. Gates and paths must be at least 4' wide.


Guidelines For Use: Combo Units
No Flipping
No "Silly String" on or around the moonwalk. It stains ,$1000 FINE will be charged to card on file.
No Forced contact with other occupants
No Eye Glasses
No sharp objects. Check pockets before entering.
No climbing on the outside walls.
No food, gum or candy inside.
Remain four feet from other occupants and the doorway.

Do not use the jumper in the rain or when the unit is wet from earlier rain.Use towel to dry it before use
Never use when partially inflated.

Use caution. The unit may tip over in severe weather conditions. If severe wind or weather arises discontinue use immediately.

The Jumper must be always properly secured and set up before anyone enters.
Children must always be supervised by an adult when the unit is in use.
Please be cautious of animals. Dogs, cats, etc could damage the unit with their claws or teeth.


Units deflate very quickly when power is removed. Use caution when deflating the unit and be sure that it will not be mistakenly unplugged. The unit should be plugged into an outlet that is on it's own circuit. Avoid sharing the circuit with any other item that together could overload and blow a fuse or trip a circuit, causing unintentional deflation.

If you do blow a fuse, the unit will deflate rapidly and injure or scare the occupants. Please note, young children can unplug the unit if not supervised.

We provide two cords that are working on two different circuits in your home. In the event that you do blow a fuse, please switch the cord to the one that remains active. We suggest that you then determine what caused the problem and eliminate that object. We also recommend that you reset the circuit so that both cords are working.

Someone should ALWAYS be watching children in the unit. Always stay with the children and never exceed the recommended number of occupants. If you do blow a fuse, you'll need quick access to the back-up cord and to help occupants out of the unit.


To maximize your experience and avoid a problem, here's a few things we've learned from previous customers:

Unit was plugged into the garage and the customer used the electric garage door opener and tripped the breaker

Unit was plugged into the pool pump and the filter came on by a timer and deflated the unit.

Unit's cord was passed through a bedroom window and turned on the A/C unit or a vacuum, tripping the breaker.

Unit was plugged into an outside receptacle and someone turned off the switch powering that unit.


3-5 years 8 children at one time.

5- 9 years 6 children at one time.

10-14 years 5 children at one time.

14 years 4 occupants at one time.

Our goal is to deliver your unit before 10:00 AM on Saturdays and by 11:00 AM on Sundays. We always do our best but we will not rush through any delivery and we never leave your yard until you are completely happy with the location, and condition of our unit. We hope you understand our timing goals and please know that we do our best each morning to get your unit delivered in a safe and timely manner. We return the next morning and remove your rental unit. You will receive a confirmation call prior to your delivery and at that time we should have an estimated time of arrival, based on our other deliveries that morning. To help with our delivery we ask that you have read our guidelines and thought about location prior to our arrival.

Local to Gelns Falls, South Glens Falls,Queensbury,Lake George,Saratoga Springs


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