22ft Volcano Dual Lane Water Slide

22ft Volcano Dual Lane Water Slide


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Setup Area: 40x20

Actual Size: 36Lx18Wx22H

Outlets: 2

Age Group: 5 and up

  • Setup on grass, near power source.
  • Generators available for additional fee.
  • 5ft wide entryway needed for backyard setup.
  • Flag sprinkler heads if any
  • Please pick up dog poop if any.

Q: What age group is the 22ft Volcano Dual lane  Water Slide suitable for?
A: The 22ft Volcano dual lane Water Slide is suitable for ages 5  and up.

Q: How many blowers does the slide require, and do they need to stay on continuously?
A: The slide requires 2 blowers, and they must remain on while the slide is in use.

Q: How much water does the slide need, and does the water need to be running continuously?
A: The pool holds around 700 gallons of water, and the water does not need to run constantly. If using well water, the sprinkler on top can only be turned on when the slide is dry.

Q: Can the slide be used in rainy weather?
A: Yes, the 22ft Volcano dual lane  Water Slide can be used in the rain as it is designed for water use. However, it should be turned off in case of bad weather like thunder, lightning, or high winds

Q: How many children can play on the slide at once?
A: The slide has a weight limit of 800 pounds. It is recommended for one or two kids to climb the steps and one kid on each slide  to slide at a time. For adults, one person on the steps and one person on each slide to slide at a time.

Q: Do you bring water?
A: Nope, sorry, we don't bring water. But don't worry, we'll bring the fun and you can provide the H2O!

Q: Do the bounce houses come inflated?
A: Not quite! Our bounce houses come in a roll and we'll set them up for you. Then, we'll use a blower to inflate them and get the bouncing party started!

Q: What are the rental times?
A: Get ready for some bouncing action! Our rental times are as follows: Tuesday to Saturday rentals are from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday and Monday rentals are from 11am to 7pm. But hey, if you want to keep the party going longer, we've got you covered! We offer an overnight rental option for just an extra $50. Now that's what we call a bouncing good time!

 Get ready to ignite the party with the GIANT 22ft Volcano Water Slide! 

 Don't let anything hold you back from the ultimate fun with this gigantic 22ft water slide! 

For inquiries, call or text 518-409-5923 to contact Bouncing Fun Rentals in Fort Edward, NY! Let the bouncing fun begin! 



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